Virtual Showroom gives clients a sense of control over the process of purchase and reduces their stress level from buyer’s remorse. It gives customers to understand that they are not buying air, that there is still something tangible, something real, and thus giving them the real "Try Before You Buy" feeling.

Delivered to you by the latest VR & AR technologies

Let go of the old way of doing things. Forget the startup costs of building a brick-and-mortar store. Give your customers a real shopping experience wherever they are. Let them “try before you buy” at a fraction of the cost to you.


“The last years of e-commerce development have now been surpassed in a few months.”

The impact of COVID-19 on global sales is -38% or more, with the luxury goods segment alone losing more than $ 40 billion during the first few months of security measures.

The next step from the current status-quo is not a transition to traditional e-shop solutions, where the customer feels deprived of emotions and contact. High quality photographs and videos will not deliver the necessary experience of the product and its correct understanding and perception of the brand philosophy with current solutions.

One of the most affected segments is automotive industry & high-end.

Use your mouse or touch the screen to rotate the car

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Be aware that the application requires specific technology to run smooth and fast and therefore does not have to work on all devices.

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Our Services

What do we offer for shop and e-shop owners?


Virtualization of the customer's current store and its products, connection to the current e-commerce solution.


Creating an unique virtual showroom for a customer who do not have their own store and its connection to e-commerce solution. (Suitable solution for those who sell their products internationally).


A comprehensive solution for those who have decided to do business on the internet and need to arrange everything on one place, including recommendations and connections to key suppliers. They can only focus on their brand and its promotion, and everything else is taken care of.

Our project is based on the technology of realistic virtualization of retail spaces, with a direct connection to all the necessary e-commerce technologies of the present and the future.

The customer has easy movement around your store (1: 1) through their desktop computer, mobile device, or VR headset and has the ability to interact directly with any product – including its configuration, comparison, communication with the merchant, orders and payments. You give the customer maximum comfort, support his imagination, save him time. But most importantly – you can finally sell from anywhere and at any time. You can then respond very quickly to requests and always give the customer 100% quality service, no matter what happens.

Are you ready for the future?

Whether you are already as excited as we are, or maybe you just want to get little more insight into what future brings in the retail area, let us know. We will be glad to answer all your questions and guide you through what's possible to maximize your customers' shopping experience in a brand-new way.

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Filip Major

Founder / CEO

Jaroslav Weis

CFO / Sales

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Why people like buying goods online?

Easy and immediate comparison
Comfort with no waiting and queues
Higher variety of goods
Saving time
Lower prices

What people fear when buying goods online?

Can't "touch" the goods
Minimal contact with the seller
Non-intuitive environment and complexity
Fraud / misuse of payment data
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Feedback from our clients.

The Brief team has been sincerely committed to designing great communication around our projects. Our customers love their creative work - and so do we!n

- Helen Ginsberg, CEO of Treasure Island

Stage direction, music, ballet, workshops, backstage, the GTG presents the first episode of the series u201cLes Indes galantes en cru00e9ationn

- Helen Ginsberg, CEO of Treasure Island

The Brief team has been sincerely committed to designing great communication around our projects. Our customers love their creative work - and so do we!n

- Helen Ginsberg, CEO of Treasure Island

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