Engineering and machinery

“We deliver a perfect idea your products including dimensions and functionality, in the context of your surroundings and philosophy.”

“You no longer have to deal with on stock production, complex and expensive logistics of your machinery – all you have to do is send a VR headset to a future client or partner. VR experience will hand over everything you need directly to them.”

We will create a “digital twin” of your physical showroom, or we will create a new, unique digital showroom, based on your brand identity and philosophy. Subsequently, we will create perfect models of your machines, including a simulation of the movement of individual key components, which we will place in the showroom and assign them the required interaction with your customer.

Your customer will get a tool that will allow him to visit your showroom in a completely new way and from anywhere in the world, get the desired feeling about your company, freely browse your offer, configure, but above all communicate with you without limits in real time or leave personal contact and information about the product that caught his eye.

The solution contains:

Cross-platform compatibility

Our solution can be used on multiple different types of media devices, such as for example:

Also suitable for exhibitions and your network of distributors.