Founded by a group of VR/AR enthusiasts, i-showroom pushes
e-commerce to the next level. Our ambition to change consumer and retailer behavior rides on the decades old trend of digitization of global retail - and we help the online market achieve higher sales through bringing in true-to-life


A Necessary Evolution

There haven't been any major improvements to online retail since the creation of Amazon over two decades ago - a platform to sell books online.

We believe that to enhance a buyer's online shopping experience - they need to have an experience that can measure up with being there in real life, and beyond...

Our Servcies

We know perfectly well that VR/AR is not a trend anymore. It is a necessity.

Try Before Buy Experience

By allowing your patrons to experience something real and seemingly tangible from the comfort of their home, they get a true “try before buy” feeling that reduces overall buyer’s remorse.

24/7 Immersive Access

Unconditional access to your i-showroom is a given. But with VR/AR there are very few reasons to still operate a brick-and-mortar store.

Unlimited Number of Showrooms

You can have a showroom with a different environment for each category of products, or perhaps a separate showroom just for your 'premium' selection. The options are limitless.

Custom Environment

A completely customizable showroom is key to deliver the sort of experience to your customers that they deserve. From furniture, color schemes, to music. The goal is maximum comfort leading to desirable outcomes from your patrons.